Healthcare organizations are particularly vulnerable to cyber threats. They house both personal health and payment information as well as intellectual property -- all lucrative targets for hackers. But most of these employees want to heal people, not become technologists, so they might view technology protections as healthcare speed bumps.

Healthcare Application Security and hipaa Compliance

As providers, payers, employees, patients, and partners become increasingly intertwined through shared data, transparency, and analytics, the amount of opportunities for loss, error, or theft grow exponentially. Multiple studies show that compared to other verticals, healthcare has had the highest percentage of incidents from theft or loss, suggesting that there is room for improvement.

Cyber-attacks are steadily on the rise across the globe. On previous recorded encounters, it was witnessed that cyber-attacks were generally focused on stealing financial information, billing information, and bank account numbers using stolen devices with un-encrypted data, phishing and spam mails. Technological advancements have given way to advanced cyber warfare using SQL injections, advanced persistent threats (APT), zero day attacks, and advanced malware. Furthermore, these organizations face internal threats due to factors such as the use of cloud services, unsecure networks, employee negligence, bring your own device (BYOD), lack of internal identification and security systems, and stolen devices with un-encrypted files.

Determine security posture

Assessing the state and security posture protecting Healthcare products and services has never been more important. Architecting required preventive controls is essential and implementing detective controls and processes are just as crucial.

Proactive security testing

In lieu of allocating resources to implement appropriate preventative controls, penetration testing is one alternative detective control that can expose areas of risk created when accelerated application development and overburdened system administrators inadvertently create vulnerabilities. Penetration Testing can also be a key control testing function of your required HIPPA risk analysis. If your Healthcare organization is processing credit card data, penetration testing will help you meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance requirements.

Personal approach

Orenda Security is uniquely positioned to assist the Healthcare industry. Our assessment and penetration testing services are designed to help you identify critical vulnerabilities that could lead to a significant data breach. Our security consultants are well versed in the Healthcare industry, and are strongly acquainted with the security challenges experienced by Healthcare clients and service providers. When it comes to our personal approach to delivering expert security services while establishing a strong partnership with our clients, we are unmatched in the industry.

Trusted advisors

As your trusted security advisors, we specialize in more than just identifying security risks. We help you understand how the identified risks apply to your business products and services. Our reporting is also customized to help your technical staff quickly remediate issues and provide you with an executive summary serving C-level and board members. Client-facing summaries are also provided to assure your clients that security testing is performed. Onsite presentations to your executive team to present findings and articulate business risks are unique value-adds in our delivery.

Whether needing to comply with HIPAA-HITECH, PCI-DSS security testing requirements, security standards, or deploying a new product or service for your clients in our evolving digital economy, Orenda Security can help you obtain the continued security assurance you need now, and in times to come.


Orenda Security assessment services simulate real world attempts to breach your networks, applications and cloud environments.


Orenda Security application assessment services are customized to help secure your business-critical applications and ensure compliance with your industry security requirements.


Orenda Security assessment services simulate real world attempts to breach your networks, applications and cloud environments.


''Orenda has been a reliable partner for AMA and has helped us in our journey to develop and deliver secure applications to all of our AMA members. I recommend Orenda Security to other AAA and CAA clubs on the basis of a strong working relationship with AMA and an excellent track record of delivering technical expertise and high-quality assessments.”


Collin Moody
Chief Information Officer
Alberta Motor Association

Finding a reliable partner with a high degree of technical expertise is hard to find! Orenda Security was exactly what we were looking for. They help us improve the security posture of our product and application. I recommend Orenda Security to any security leader seeking reliable and robust security penetration testing services.

Kartik Agarwal
Chief Technology Officer
Concert Cloud Inc

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