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Application Security Assessment Services

Orenda Security application assessment services are customized to help secure your business-critical applications and ensure compliance with your industry security requirements.

Securing applications is more challenging than ever as the speed of application development continues to accelerate. Cloud technology adoption, agile development practices, devops and new technologies all offer attractive business value, but the speed of change is impacting significantly the ability to adequately secure business-critical applications. A timely security testing strategy comprised of automated and manual testing in the SDLC and in production is essential to mitigate risk, our team can help by developing and executing a custom testing solution to meet your business needs.


Penetration Testing Process

System & infrastructure network vulnerability assessment and penetration testing is crucial to demystify the security exposures that are used to launch a cyber-attack through the internet. The security assessment of internet facing system or internal network tests helps discover the vulnerable network services that can be exploited by unknown threat sources.


Phase 1

Profiling & Discovery

In this stage, profiling of the target web application is performed by identifying user entry points, understanding the core security mechanisms employed by the application, interfaces to external or internal applications, identifying roles with varying trust levels and determining the data flow path with indication on privilege boundaries.


Phase 2

Automated Application Security Scanning

Automated application vulnerability scanners (i.e. commercial and open-source) are used to scan for application specific vulnerabilities covering all OWASP, WASC and SANS references.


Phase 3

Application Vulnerability Determination

This phase involves a complete hybrid approach of identifying the web application security vulnerabilities with automated tools and scripts along with manual assessment to eliminate false positives and negatives. Manual assessment uses various vulnerability databases to identify vulnerabilities that were missed during automated scans, in addition to security verification of business logic flaws, broken access controls and more.


Phase 4

Application Vulnerability Exploitation

The primary focus in this phase is on using manual security testing techniques to exploit the systems that include several exploits to assess the application hardening measures, cryptography issues, authentication & authorization controls, session management module, business logic flaws and various validation measures. Attack scenarios for production environment will use a combination of exploit payloads in strict accordance with agreed rules of engagement.


Phase 5


All exploitable security vulnerabilities in the target web application are recorded with associated CVSS v2 based scores and are reported. The identified security vulnerability is assessed thoroughly and reported along with appropriate recommendation or mitigation measures.


Phase 6

Remediation & Reassessment

Remediation involves assisting to remediate reported application security vulnerabilities. Post remediation, a reassessment will be conducted to validate the effectiveness of the application security countermeasures used in mitigating the reported security vulnerabilities


Web Applications

Our team begin with an assessment of the design of your web application and estimate the likelihood of security issues based on threat modeling analysis. Manual testing is the primary testing method but automated penetration testing is also performed. Orenda Security will focus on attacking, modifying, and hijacking client-server interactions, web services and APIs supported by the applications and can even target data assets used in your backend database systems.

Our dedicated experts will find and attempt to exploit security flaws that could allow privilege escalation, disclosure of sensitive information, injection of malicious code into trusted components, logic flaws, and other conditions generally recognized as posing security vulnerabilities. This approach allows us to identify all existing attack vectors and demonstrate the impact of a real-world attack. Orenda Security classifies vulnerabilities against the latest OWASP Top 10 web application security flaws. Key steps include:Assessing the security of your external network includes multiple steps. Key steps include:


Mobile Applications

Orenda Security’s mobile application penetration test is comprehensive and begins with reviewing technical design documents, process flows, and the application’s security architecture in order to identify application attack surfaces.

Identified vulnerabilities are mapped to OWASP top 10 mobile application security flaws:

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What are the most valuable assets to your business? What if your information is already at high risk and you lose it? What would be the impact on your business, customers, and revenues? Could your organization afford to be down for just 1 day because of cybersecurity incident ? Even more concerning, what if your critical information is already compromised and you don’t know it.


Orenda Security application assessment services are customized to help secure your business-critical applications and ensure compliance with your industry security requirements.


Partner with Orenda Security for your ongoing Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) and have access to security professionals guiding you to securing your applications. Empower your development team and maintain the speed of your application delivery.


Partner with Orenda Security for your Static Application Security Testing (SAST) needs. Whether you need SAST testing now or have a tool in mind and a vision for how you would like to implement it or need help getting up and running. Let our professional application security professionals help you build security.


Partner with Orenda Security to get off the ground with Threat Modeling (TM). Threat modeling may be a foreign concept today, but our professionals have proven experience in developing these skills across several environments, industry’s, and delivery models. Our threat modeling professionals walk you through every step to build up the knowledge and practice within your team to meet your delivery models and processes.


Vulnerability Assessments (VA) & Vulnerability Management (VM)
Performing a vulnerability assessment can provide an accurate “point-in-time” representation of the organization’s security posture. However, this is not enough. There must be a mechanism incorporated into the procedures to ensure that the VA process is conducted on a continual basis. This is the only way to really minimize the overall risk.


Orenda Security assessment services simulate real world attempts to breach your networks, applications and cloud environments.



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